Dorks Delivered is a computer repair business servicing over 300 clients across the greater Brisbane area.

The Problem

The company was previously measuring customer satisfaction using ticket surveys but didn't get very many responses. Response rates were low, about 10% or less and on top of that, the surveys weren't very pretty.

Dorks Delivered started using Client Heartbeat to get more responses to their surveys and start identifying 'at risk' customers.

The Solution

By using Client Heartbeat, Dorks Delivered was able to offer their customers a survey that was more personalized, looked pretty and was easy to fill out, only taking 30 seconds to complete.

Simplicity was really important for Dorks Delivered – they wanted to make it as easy as possible for their customers to give them feedback.

The Results

Thanks to Client Heartbeat, Dorks Delivered was able to get more feedback from the majority of their customers, and quickly identify the ones who were 'at risk' of terminating their contracts.

Survey response rates increased by over 500%. Client Heartbeat helped Dorks Delivered identify a number of 'at risk' customers that were worth thousands of dollars to the company.

"Our clients were more inclined to fill out Client Heartbeat surveys because they were more personalized, looked pretty, and they only had a few buttons to click and they were done. As opposed to our previous survey tool which didn't have the same appeal and couldn't see the results as easily.

Another big benefit for us is that the tool lets us see what our clients are thinking about us, and over time see if their satisfaction has gone up or down. If a client gives us a bad score and Client Heartbeat tags them as 'at risk', we can proactively give them a call and solve their problems before they decide to terminate the contract."

Joshua Lewis — Dorks Delivered

Industry: IT Services
Company Size: 1-10
Location: Australia

  • 500% Increase In Participation
  • 396 Customers Surveyed
  • 53% Survey Response Rate

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