Effective IT is an IT Services Company in Brisbane. Monitoring customer satisfaction is an important part of day to day operations for the company.

The Problem

The problem Effective IT faced was getting participation from their clients to actual complete their customer surveys. They were using automated surveys after each support ticket was closed, and received response rates between 5-10%. This was nowhere near the level of participate they wanted and as a result did not give them accurate insights into how their clients really felt about their service.

Effective IT signed up with Client Heartbeat to help them increase their survey response rates.

The Solution

By integrating Client Heartbeat into their operational processes, Effective IT was able to increase engagement with their customers and feel more connected. Client Heartbeat made the customer survey experience really personalized for each of their customers, which led to a significant increase in the number of survey respondents.

Effective IT now feels more connected and engaged with their clients, which means they get more accurate feedback that can help them better informed decisions about how they can improve their business.

The Results

Client Heartbeat increased Effective IT's survey response rates from 5-10%, to 65%, an increase of over 800%. This resulted in more engaged clients and more accurate, actionable feedback.

"Client Heartbeat is so simple and easy to use, our clients just love filling it out. Now that we have the majority of our clients leaving us feedback, we feel more engaged with them and can use the data to make more confident business decisions."
Chris Herbert — Effective IT

Industry: IT Services
Company Size: 1-10
Location: Australia

  • 800% Increase In Survey
  • 12 Customers Surveyed
  • 83% Survey Response Rate

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