JBS Bookkeeping Services has been servicing an extensive range of organizations throughout Brisbane since 1998. With over 16 bookkeeping specialists, the JBS team handles a lot of customers.

The Problem

The company found getting real, honest feedback to be very time consuming and their clients tended not to give feedback unless they were unsatisfied with an element of the service received. This made it hard for JBS to understand how their clients really felt about their services.

JBS turned to Client Heartbeat to solve these problems through using our customer surveys that get industry high survey response rates and participation.

The Solution

Through the use of Client Heartbeat, JBS was able to proactively monitor customer feedback and address concerns before they become real issues. They now get actionable insights into what their clients really think about their level of service.

JBS now consistently receives industry high survey response rates by using Client Heartbeat's simple and well optimized surveys.

The Results

Within minutes, JBS had their survey setup and sent out. They received actionable feedback from over 70% of their clients

"Client Heartbeat was so easy and quick to set up. The pre-written questions gave us an excellent range of choices and once we had selected the questions which we wanted our clients to answer, it was simply a matter of uploading an Excel spread sheet with client names and email addresses and we were ready to go!

Unless you speak to every single one of your clients every week or so you are at risk of losing touch with them and you may not know that you are losing touch until you get the 'termination of services' email, by which point it is usually too late to save the client.

If you are in a service based industry, your customer needs to know that you value their business and asking them to routinely 'rank' your services shows that you are committed to providing them with the best value for their business."

Kate Kuhle — Communications Manager at JBS Bookkeeping Services

Industry: Bookkeeping
Company Size: 11-25
Location: Australia

  • 8.9 Customer Satisfaction Rating
  • 88 Customers Surveyed
  • 70% Survey Response Rate

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