R&G Technologies is an IT Company in Brisbane, Australia that services over 150 clients. The company has been around since 2003 and in the last three years has experienced significant year on year growth.

The Problem

As with any successful business, R&G Technologies was experience growing pains. As the company brought on more customers, that meant more employees. Keeping up with high levels of customer satisfaction was an important priority for Operations Manager, Mimi Tan.

R&G Technologies started using Client Heartbeat to help them monitor and increase customer satisfaction

The Solution

Through the use of Client Heartbeat, R&G Technologies was able to track their customer satisfaction every quarter, so as Operations Manager, Mimi could clearly see the improvements in satisfaction over a period of time.

R&G used these insights to improve their business processes and ensure all customers were happy with their service levels

"Client Heartbeat provided actionable insights into where we needed to improve our service levels that would lead to higher customer satisfaction. By being able to track satisfaction across a period of time, I was able to see if the changes we had been making from a management level, actually funneled down to an improvement in customer satisfaction."
Mimi Tan - Operations Manager

The Results

R&G’s overall customer satisfaction increased by 15% over a 12 month period

rg tech team

Industry: IT Services
Company Size: 25-50
Location: Australia

  • 15% Increase Satisfaction
  • 199 Surveys Sent
  • 71% Survey Response Rate

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