The Problem

Stea IT is a managed IT provider located in Denmark. Given the company’s strong growth over the past five years, they were looking for a way to make sure their customers were still happy with the levels of services right across the board. The company started out as a two man team, and now employs ten staff. They needed a way to ensure their employees kept up the same high standards of service that they offered when they founded the company. On top of that, they wanted to monitor the satisfaction levels over a period of time to determine any at risk customers.

Stea IT turned to Client Heartbeat to monitor their customers’ satisfaction and identify ‘at risk’ customers.

The Solution

Through implementing Client Heartbeat into the company’s operations, Stea IT was able to identify three customers that were not happy with the service levels being received. This was a big surprise to the team at Stea IT as they had not been aware of any problems. The customers at risk turned out to be the ones the company brought on early on in the company’s history.

Stea IT identified that somewhere over the past five years, probably as a result of growth, their high service levels dropped.

The Results

By quickly identifying there was a problem at hand, Stea IT fixed the issues, smoothened out the ‘at-risk’ relationships and kept all their IT contracts, including one worth $180,000 per year.

"Client Heartbeat provided actionable insights into where we needed to improve our service levels that would lead to higher customer satisfaction. By being able to track satisfaction across a period of time, I was able to see if the changes we had been making from a management level, actually funneled down to an improvement in customer satisfaction."
Rune Tipsmark

Industry: IT Services
Company Size: 10
Location: Denmark

  • 11 Customers Surveyed
  • 83% Survey Response Rate

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