Getting Started With ConnectWise

  • Create an Integrator Login through ConnectWise's Setup Tables interface. The Contact API, Company API, and Reporting API need to be enabled.
  • Back in Client Heartbeat, go to 'Customers' → 'Integrate with External Service'
  • Select 'ConnectWise Settings'
  • Enter the ConnectWise settings (Host, Company Name, Intergrator Username, Integrator Password)
  • Use the 'Test Connection' button to ensure your details are valid.
  • Use the 'Save Settings' button to save your ConnectWise settings.
  • Go to 'Customers' and select 'ConnectWise Sync' to start syncing your contact data.

Importing by Company

By default, Client Heartbeat will use this method. We will import all contacts who are part of a company with the type 'Customer'. You may also specify additional company types in Client Heartbeat's 'External Services' settings by adding each type separated by a comma into the 'Company Filters' section.

Please keep in mind this will import all contacts from those companies that have a valid email address. If you would like more precise control over which contacts are imported, consider using marketing groups

Importing By Marketing Group

If you want complete control over the contacts imported from ConnectWise into Client Heartbeat, we recommend you make use of marketing groups inside of ConnectWise.

Get started by creating a marketing group in ConnectWise titled 'Client Heartbeat' and adding your contacts into this group. Return to Client Heartbeat and select 'Use Client Heartbeat Group' in the 'External Services' settings and we will use the newly created marketing group to import your customers, rather than importing by company.