Users of Client Heartbeat receive on average 60% participation from their customers. This does vary slightly from industry to industry however is roughly what you should expect using our product.

Our business coaches may have contacted you and sent this document as they have identified you have low participation in your survey.

Chapter 1 Send Emails Direct From Your Email Server

Currently, email is sent on behalf of your organisation through Client Heartbeat’s mail gateway. We use SendGrid - the same service used by Mailchimp and many other SaaS providers.

However sometimes email will be flagged as spam and better results may be achieved by allowing you to send email directly through your own mail servers. To do this you will need the following:

  • Contact your Client Heartbeat business coach to have him/her enable external SMTP settings
  • Setup (or speak to your technical people) to get an SMTP authenticated relay setup through your email server
  • Enter these settings into Client Heartbeat under the “Your Settings -> SMTP Settings”
  • This will ensure your next Heartbeat will be sent directly via your email server from your email address

Chapter 2 Reach Out to Customers Manually

A common occurrence is the very first time you send Client Heartbeat many of your customers may think it is spam and ignore it. You can increase participation significantly by having one of your admin team calling your clients (via phone is best, however email is fine if they can’t get through) to ask if they received it.

If you can do this once, generally, your response rate will improve for all future Client Heartbeat surveys. So you won’t have to do this every time you send the survey (although if you want to, it does help participation!)

Chapter 3 Circulate an Email to All Clients Before the Next Survey

Circulating a personalised email to all your clients before the next survey goes out is a great way to prepare them.

Chapter 4 Bake it Into Your Client Meetings and/or New Client On-Boardings

Add an agenda item to raise at your next client meeting or in your new client on-boardings that you will tell them about Client Heartbeat. The best way to do this is to explain the reasons for using it - as a way to improve the service you are providing to them. This results in a win-win; your client will respect you for focusing on customer service and you will get higher participation.

Chapter 5 Spam Issues

When following up with clients if they haven’t received the email it may have been caught up in spam. If you suspect this is the case, please email us [email protected] and we will follow up with the client on your behalf. This is the easiest option as we can troubleshoot and report back to you on why this is happening.